Land Prep 101: Have a plan and a budget for your land

Before you ever start talking to a land clearing contractor, you need to know how you want to use your land. For example, you may need to: Clear out undesirable trees/brush in order to resell, Clear land for building a structure (Site prep), Clear land for road building, Improve the view from the current home, Remove dead trees and dry brush in order to increase safety and remove fire hazards, or Build a trench for pipes. (Rock saw trenching) Before After Once you have a vision or plan, you can discuss this with potential contractors who may be able to offer you money saving tips or alternatives. Sometimes, you may be willing to spend more up front for quality that will ultimately save you money in the next steps of developing your land. Many land clearers have equipment that will cut the trees at ground level then mulch all the trees to lay out over the land. However, if your next step is to build a home, this technique can present problems down the line. Under that mulch, there will still be short tree stubs above ground that [...]

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Curb Appeal Success Story!

Everyone knows the value of curb appeal for selling your home, especially in a subdivision. However, it can take on new meaning when you have a home with additional acreage. Future buyers may have difficulty seeing the potential of land that has not yet been cleared of overwhelming brush and undesirable trees. Therefore, it is important for sellers to present land to its maximum potential. That way the property shows everything it has to offer to as many potential buyers as possible. UNABLE TO SELL HOME/PROPERTY Recently, one of our customers had been trying to sell their home for three months. When they first called me, they had several showings, but no offers. The home was on 2 acres of land. One acre was completely covered with cedars and brush. You could see live oaks in there, but, for potential buyers and it was difficult to see the potential. The acre of land around the house was cleared but in dire need of trimming and clean up. The family hired Hill Country Land Prep for the job. Below is a picture from the back porch of the house. As you can see, all the land on the other side of [...]

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